Sister City Sketch: Public Art, April 10, 2021

Our theme for the week with our Sister City Sketch group, Calgary Urban Sketchers, was “public/pop-up art”. Both of our cities have wonderful public art collections. The weather was not very cooperative with a big spring snowfall, but some of us still managed to make it out for on-site sketching and some of us posted sketches from the past.

You can see what Calgary Urban Sketchers created here, and our sketches are posted below. Thanks for all the great work everyone!

Amanda Parer’s “Down There”: sketch by Sarah Lee

“Apr 10 (Public Art): ‘Down There’ part of Downtown Spark Fantastic Planet. Tomorrow is the last day for this installation so go check them out if you haven’t already. I like big arts and I cannot lie.”

Tony Bloom”s “The Convergence”: sketch by Yvonne Rezek

“Finally able to get out and sketch today. My choice of public art was entirely contingent on finding a place to park. Even so, I parked in a no-parking zone (but didn’t leave the car). 😁 ‘The Convergence’ by Tony Bloom of Canmore stands at the eastern end of the Victoria Promenade. It is made up of a waterfall and four steel spires (only three pictured here). Unveiled in 1990, it represents a convergence of people, water, the city, earth and sky. Drawn on my iPad.”

Stewart Steinhauer’s “Bear Spirit”: sketch by Abha Hoedl

“Bear statues at the Faculte St Jean, 11 April 21”

Mimi von Gaza’s “Broken Families”: sketch by Karen Boschee

“Found this unique beautiful monument in Grant Notley Park today. Each side shows a different view of our skyline and people joining hands. Commissioned by a long list of civic and labor organizations that are mentioned on the plaque. If anyone knows more about the significance of this artistic monument overlooking the river valley in the ❤ of Edmonton please share. Experimenting again with different washes on black paper. Sketched on site then added some color with crayon.”

NOTE: This is a monument to honour those who died in the workplace. More info here.

Mural on Habaneros Restaurant: sketch by Marty Stark

“Habaneros is a local Mexican Restaurant in Leduc. The mural is painted on the south side of the building. Drawn on site, coloured with pencil crayon at home.”

NOTE: If anyone knows who the mural artist is, please let us know.

Chinese terracotta horse replica: sketch by Marlena Wyman

“My sketch from 2014 on our sketch-out at the Muttart Conservatory. For the Lunar New Year of the Horse, the Muttart had installed sculpture replicas representing China’s ancient terracotta horses and warriors.”

Granville Island totem pole: sketch by Karen Wall

NOTE: If anyone knows who the totem pole artist is, please let us know.

Sketch by Marty Stark

“Miniature lookout tower at the main look out on the boardwalk at Telford Lake Park in Leduc. Cold and Windy there today.”

Our next sketch theme is a “sketch from your vehicle” event on Saturday April 17 from 11 am to 1pm at Alberta Terminals Ltd. 13020- 127 Ave. We hope to see you there!

Posted by Marlena Wyman

About Marlena Wyman

Edmonton AB. I am an artist with interests in history, food, gardening, wellness, and the quirky and inspiring things that my fellow beings are up to out there.
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2 Responses to Sister City Sketch: Public Art, April 10, 2021

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  2. Terry Elrod says:

    Wow. What Stupendous Sketches!!

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