Sister City Sketch #3, Jan 9, 2021

The theme for our third Sister City Sketch was “Construction”. There were some great interpretations, and some free-spirit urban sketching too. That’s always fine, the themes are just there if you want to join in.

For this coming week, the theme is “Look Up”. Remember to keep it an urban sketch – not just cloud-watching!

You can see the great construction theme sketches from our Calgary Sister City Sketchers here.

Our sketch of the week is by Luise Mendler-Johnson who sketched a beautiful interpretation of the theme with her construction of a reading list of books from the library:

Sketch by Luise Mendler-Johnson
Sketch by Karen Boschee (Inukshuk construction)
Sketch by Abha Hoedl (shelves of construction materials for arts & crafts)
Sketch by Luise Mendler-Johnson (constructing an array of her new art supplies)
Sketch by Lorie Taylor Leech (quilt under construction)
Sketch by Marty Stark (pillow quilt top under construction)
Sketch by Marlena Wyman
Sketch by Debbie Ha (constructing a pile of clean dishes for drying)
Sketch by Pamela St Laurent
Sketch by Karen Wall
Sketch by Rebecca-Lily Semotiuk
Sketch by Lana Anderson
Sketch by Aeris Osborne
Sketch by Gordon Ramsey
Sketch by Terry Elrod
Sketch by Anna Nowakowski Hayes

Posted by Marlena Wyman

About Marlena Wyman

Edmonton AB. I am an artist with interests in history, food, gardening, wellness, and the quirky and inspiring things that my fellow beings are up to out there.
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