Edmonton’s Heritage Trees

We were invited on a very special sketching outing to a Belgravia resident’s Heritage Weeping Birch tree. It is a magnificent tree that was planted in 1951. Thanks to Wendy, our host, and to Urban Sketcher Asma Burney for alerting us to this wonderful sketching opportunity on a beautiful summer day.

Photo by Yvonne Rezek

Sketches by Asma Burney

Sketch by Brenda Raynard

Sketches by Yvonne Rezek

Sketch by Marlena Wyman

After sketching, our host and her friends treated us to a delightful garden party-style tea of scones and other dainties. We were very appreciative of their generous hospitality!

Photo by Yvonne Rezek

I sketched another historic tree last year – the Heritage Manitoba Maple that is beside the First Presbyterian Church downtown. It was planted in 1926.

Sketch by Marlena Wyman

I think this would make a great series for sketching. Just around the corner from the Heritage Manitoba Maple is the Heritage Holowach Horse Chestnut tree – south of Jasper Avenue in a parking lot between 105 and 106 streets. It turns 100 next year so we should celebrate it then with a sketchout!

The City of Edmonton has a Historic Resources Register and Inventory that includes heritage trees, and some of Edmonton’s heritage trees’ stories are included in the Heritage Trees of Alberta book.

Another recent and ongoing project by Master Gardener and Designer Dustin Bajer will locate, map and tell the stories of Edmonton’s heritage plants.

The quiet contribution of these stately trees are an important heritage resources that make for a more beautiful, livable city.

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Edmonton AB. I am an artist with interests in history, food, gardening, wellness, and the quirky and inspiring things that my fellow beings are up to out there.
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