Molstad Residence, February 2, 2019

Although it was an extra-chilly winter day, ten of us came out to sketch the peaceful beauty of the historic Molstad Residence. We gathered at Juniper Bistro afterward to eat and share sketches under low light conditions because there was a multi-neighbourhood power outage! Fortunately, Juniper cooks with gas, so we were able to indulge in warm comfort food.

   Scott and Erica Richards’s dog Molly helped keep us warm.

Maybe because our sketchouts of historic Edmonton buildings are being shared around via my Historian Laureate social media, we have garnered a bit more attention. We are now being invited to sketch! Scott and Erica Richards, invited us to their lovely home: the historic Molstad Residence at 9633 95 Avenue.

Sketches by Yvonne Rezek

Edmonton realtor Edward H. Molstad and wife Addie, built their home in 1912 during Edmonton’s economic boom. The house is a stately two-story brick and wood Foursquare house originally built on 5 acres of land. In 1931, part of the house was converted into apartments, but the Molstad family continued to live there until 1982.

Sketches by Barra Ó Scannláin

Sketch by Lucy Rachynski

Sketches by Brenda Raynard

When Walter and Jean Kipp purchased the house in 1988, they worked to restore it to its previous glory as a single family home. The interior retains the original hardwood floors, oak panelling, sculptured ceilings and brass chandeliers.

Sketch by Jo-Anne Farley

           Sketches by Janet Bertsch

Sketches by Diane Plasse

Sketch by Marlena Wyman

Molstad Residence became Edmonton’s first historically designated residential building in 1994, and gained the additional protection of provincial designation in 1996.

Scott and Erica Richards are now the proud owners of the house. Thanks to them for inviting us to sketch there, and for their care in preserving an important piece of Edmonton’s history.

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Edmonton AB. I am an artist with interests in history, food, gardening, wellness, and the quirky and inspiring things that my fellow beings are up to out there.
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8 Responses to Molstad Residence, February 2, 2019

  1. Scott Richards says:

    We were delighted to open our doors to the group – thank you for taking us up on it! It’s wonderful seeing the place drawn (and painted!) by hand, and I’ve got a long list of people who will share in our excitement at seeing the images. Hope to see you or different parts of your group again. Thanks again!

    Happy Sketching,

    PS. I’d like to also post the images on our Instagram page, @molstadresidence, and will pass along any requests for contact information.

    • The Instagram post would be great! Please credit each artist’s name beside their sketch. Thanks!

      • Scott Richards says:

        I’ll try but as I think of it, the images are handled somewhat separately from the text so that you cycle through the images while only having one block of text. I thought I’d list the artists below the sketches but can’t directly attach their names to individual sketches. Oh, maybe I can, depending on how the hyper-text works (I’m still sorting out Instagram).

        They will be credited!

  2. I think your sketchers have outdone themselves in this group of sketches! Kudos to the owners of the Molstad House for inviting you to their home – it’s a wonderful way to connect heritage with the community.

  3. Jean and Walter Kipp says:

    We are delighted to receive the link to these fabulous sketches! We still absolutely LOVE the Molstad House and are so proud that Scott and Erica treasure their home as we did when it was ours. Congratulations on fantastic art work and thanks for sharing it. The sketches definitely warm our hearts and stir our fond memories of 9633 95 Ave. Edmonton. Great idea Scott and Erica.
    Jean and Walter Kipp

    • So glad that you enjoyed the sketches! Thank you for all of your dedicated work in helping to preserve a beautiful heritage home that is an important part of Edmonton’s story.

    • Scott Richards says:

      Jean! Walter! Were your ears burning? We have people through every week or two and nobody gets the tour without hearing how much love (and effort!) you poured into the house. I’ll follow up in email but I’m as embarrassed that I didn’t think to get you this link, myself, as I am happy that Johanne *did* have the consideration!

      We were elated that the Urban Sketchers came through! Particularly after seeing the results, it feels like a terrific medium to capture the place with.

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