University of Alberta Hospital, November 3, 2018

There was a small but dedicated group who came to the University of Alberta Hospital to sketch on November 3rd.

Most of the sketchers headed over to the beautiful calm of the Guru Nanak Healing Garden in the Mazankowski Heart Institute.

Sketches by Brenda Raynard

Sketch by Stephanie Jansen


Sketches by Janet Bertsch

Joanne took on the complexity of the U of A Hospital interior.

Sketch by Joanne Wojtysiak

Instead of opting for relaxation, I decided to continue on my Historian Laureate quest to sketch Edmonton’s heritage buildings, so I got myself agitated by sketching the Nurses Home across from the hospital (presently the hospital’s Research Transition Facility). Every time I go past the Nurses Home, it upsets me that the ugly pedestrian overpass has bullied it out of view. I wish I had enough time to go to the healing garden afterward, but I had to run off so I missed lunch with everyone too!

Sketch by Marlena Wyman

Here is the view of the Nurses Home today. Cripes.

I was out of town for the October 6th sketchout at the Legislature Building, and only two sketchers posted their drawings on the Facebook page, but they are very worthy sketches of an important heritage building, so here they are:

Sketch by Barry Hollingshead

Sketch by Angie Sotiropoulos

Looking forward to more sketching!

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About Marlena Wyman

Edmonton AB. I am an artist with interests in history, food, gardening, wellness, and the quirky and inspiring things that my fellow beings are up to out there.
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  1. Excellent sketches as always!

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