August 4, 2018 sketchout

We’ll be doing some nature-within-the-city sketching in Mill Creek Ravine Park on August 4th. We can meet at the recently restored historic 76 Avenue pedestrian bridge on Saturday August 4th at 11am or start sketching on your own. I believe there is an access point to the trail on 76 avenue just west of 89 street but I have had zero luck in finding a decent map online. If that doesn’t sound right please let me know!

Thanks to Karen Wall for this info: There is access to the bridge/trail from the north side of 76th ave sidewalk at the west end of the bridge and also at the east end. If you follow the trail from the east end down into the ravine, you’ll get an interesting drawing viewpoint of the bridge understructure over the water. Then following the trail south across 76th ave there are several more bridges to encounter depending on how far you want to go.

Here are more helpful directions from Terry Elrod, and a map:

The trail crosses 76 Ave at street level. The bridge we’re meeting at is just north (and west) of this point.
There are two ways to access. One is to park along 89 St north of 76 Ave. Walk down 89 St to 76 Ave and then west along the avenue on the sidewalk on its north side to the trail crosswalk.
A gentler approach is from the west side of the creek. Park along 77 Ave east of 96 St and walk east to the trail access point. This location is also closer to the Blue Chair restaurant.
Map scanned from “River Valley Map – Central Edmonton”. Please disregard the smudges — my printer is acting up today.


If it rains hopefully we can huddle under a bridge, but bring your umbrellas too just in case.

Photo David Bajer/CBC

We will meet for lunch and sketch sharing at 1pm at the Blue Chair Cafe at 9624 – 76 Ave.


About Marlena Wyman

Edmonton AB. I am an artist with interests in history, food, gardening, wellness, and the quirky and inspiring things that my fellow beings are up to out there.
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