March 2, 2019 sketchout

We have sketched in restaurants before and it was suggested that we try that again, so we are heading to Indian Fusion – The Curry House at 10322 – 111 St. for our March 2nd sketchout. The very kind owner, Parkash Chhibber, is allowing us come in to sketch at 11am, one hour before their usual opening time. Then we can stay and enjoy a delicious lunch!

NOTE: Please indicate if you are going for sure because I need to make reservations for this sketchout.

Mr. Chhibber is also known for his kindness in feeding those in need. See this Edmonton Journal article here.

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Molstad Residence, February 2, 2019

Although it was an extra-chilly winter day, ten of us came out to sketch the peaceful beauty of the historic Molstad Residence. We gathered at Juniper Bistro afterward to eat and share sketches under low light conditions because there was a multi-neighbourhood power outage! Fortunately, Juniper cooks with gas, so we were able to indulge in warm comfort food.

   Scott and Erica Richards’s dog Molly helped keep us warm.

Maybe because our sketchouts of historic Edmonton buildings are being shared around via my Historian Laureate social media, we have garnered a bit more attention. We are now being invited to sketch! Scott and Erica Richards, invited us to their lovely home: the historic Molstad Residence at 9633 95 Avenue.

Sketches by Yvonne Rezek

Edmonton realtor Edward H. Molstad and wife Addie, built their home in 1912 during Edmonton’s economic boom. The house is a stately two-story brick and wood Foursquare house originally built on 5 acres of land. In 1931, part of the house was converted into apartments, but the Molstad family continued to live there until 1982.

Sketches by Barra Ó Scannláin

Sketch by Lucy Rachynski

Sketches by Brenda Raynard

When Walter and Jean Kipp purchased the house in 1988, they worked to restore it to its previous glory as a single family home. The interior retains the original hardwood floors, oak panelling, sculptured ceilings and brass chandeliers.

Sketch by Jo-Anne Farley

           Sketches by Janet Bertsch

Sketches by Diane Plasse

Sketch by Marlena Wyman

Molstad Residence became Edmonton’s first historically designated residential building in 1994, and gained the additional protection of provincial designation in 1996.

Scott and Erica Richards are now the proud owners of the house. Thanks to them for inviting us to sketch there, and for their care in preserving an important piece of Edmonton’s history.

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February 2, 2019 sketchout

For our February 2nd sketchout, we will be sketching in beautiful, historic Molstad House at 9633 – 95 Ave. Thanks to owners Scott and Erika Richards for their gracious invitation!

(No paints please – just pencils, pens and your sketchbooks).

We will sketch from 11am to 1pm and then head over to Juniper Cafe at 9514 – 87 St to have lunch and share sketches.

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Plaza Bowling, January 5, 2019

Some of my heritage colleagues have been giving me great suggestions for sketching heritage in our city. We had a fun sketchout at Plaza Bowling with sketchers sketching, sketchers bowling, and sketchers enjoying grilled cheese bliss.

Sketch by Marlena Wyman

Sketches by Angie Sotiropoulos

Sketches by Janet Bertsch

Sketch by Eileen Heidler

Sketches by Karen Wall

Sketch by Marlena Wyman

Here is a great story about the 3-generation business with some nice historic photos included.

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January 5, 2019 sketchout

This great suggestion came from one of Edmonton’s Heritage Planners. The vintage mid-century interior of Plaza Bowling remains largely unchanged since it opened in 1959. I contacted Plaza Bowling and they are excited to have us sketch there!
NOTE: the times for this sketchout are slightly different due to business hours. We will meet at Plaza Bowling at noon on Saturday January 5th and sketch until 2pm. We are renting one lane that comes with plenty of benches. (The cost is reasonable but the final amount will depend on how many sketchers come out). We can also wander and sketch from other vantage points.
We can eat while sketching. Drift Food Truck provides the menu for Plaza Bowling. However, they are not able to offer food for special diets, so those sketchers can bring their own lunches.
If anyone wants to bowl too, you’re in the right place!
Plaza Bowling 10418 – 118 Ave
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Rutherford House, December 1, 2018

We had a great turnout at beautiful, historic Rutherford House. There were twelve of us who drew inspiration (pun intended) from the elegant surroundings.


Sketches by Irina Kruglyakova

Sketches by Janet Bertsch

Sketches by Terry Elrod

Sketches by Karen Wall

Sketch by Chris Chang-Yen Phillips

Sketches by Brenda Raynard

Sketches by Angie Sotiropoulos

Sketches by Marlena Wyman

As is described in the Edmonton Historical Board‘s article, Rutherford House was built in 1911 and named after Alberta’s first premier, Dr. Alexander Cameron Rutherford, who lived there with his wife Mattie and their children.

Constructed of red brick, and detailed with sandstone trim and sills, the house is distinguished by two-storey bay windows on either side of the columned front porch.  The interior is finished with oak woodwork and paneling, and an interior stained glass skylight.

The Rutherfords sold their home and furnishings in 1940 and the house was almost demolished in 1966 when plans were made to bulldoze it to make way for a new development. However, after a public outcry, the house was restored to its former glory. It subsequently was designated a Provincial Historic Resource (1975) and became a museum that celebrates the life of Alberta’s first and visionary Premier.

Thanks again to Rutherford House staff for their historically appropriate hospitality in welcoming us to start sketching at 11am and allowing us a reduced rate of admission.

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December 1, 2018 sketchout

We will be sketching at historic Rutherford House (11153 Sask Drive) for our Dec 1st sketchout. Thanks to Rutherford House staff, we get the group admission rate of $4.50 each and we can start sketching at 11am. We can meet in the lobby inside the house and sketch throughout the house (except for cordoned off areas).

Then at 1pm we can head over to HUB Mall for lunch and sharing sketches. There are several food outlets open in HUB on Saturdays, so you can pick up your food of choice and then bring it upstairs to the Riverside Lounge at the far north end of HUB.

Hope to see you there!

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