Louise McKinney Riverfront Park, 18 June 2022

A few slightly soggy sketchers came out to sketch the Chinese Gardens Pagoda and other features at Louise McKinney Riverside Park on June 18th, and a few headed there later when the sketching was sunnier.

Brenda Raynard
Diane Smarsh
Tessa Poubelle
Zulima Acuña
Sandra Der
Zulima Acuña, Tawatina Bridge, Louise McKinney Riverfront Park
Marlena Wyman

Other subjects near and far also inspired our sketchers.

Zulima Acuña, from Rowland Park overlooking Riverdale, Edmonton
Zulima Acuña, Rowland Park, Edmonton
Janet E. Smith, St. Basil Ukrainian Catholic Church, Edmonton
Gordon Ramsey, view west along 90 Ave, Ottewell, Edmonton
Karen Boschee, Royal Canadian Circus in the West Edmonton Mall parking lot
Lorie Taylor Leech, coffee shop, Edmonton
Sarah Lee, Hasse Lake, Alberta
Karen Boschee, Canmore, Alberta
Debbie Ha
Debbie Ha
Debbie Ha, Hearthstone Co-op, Powell River, BC

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June 2022 Outdoor Sketch-Meet

Saturday June 18, 2022, 11AM – 1PM: Chinese Gardens Pagoda, Louise McKinney Riverfront Park

So many things to sketch in the Chinese Gardens at Louise McKinney Riverfront Park. From the pagoda, to the recently installed nine dragons wall, to the the pair of lions, to the obelisk, and to the sculptures of the animal symbols in Chinese astrology. There’s also the Shumka stage, the stairways up to street level and down to the river. The new walk bridge is not to be missed! Then there’s the cityscape and the river valley. You’ll be spoiled for choice!

At 1:00, we’ll head over to the small cafe and outdoor seating at River Valley Adventure Company for snacks or beverages (that are easy on the wallet! Lol!) and to share our sketches.

Parking is a short walk on the south side of Grierson Hill. 

We hope to see you there!

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100th Street Funicular, May 21, 2022

The 100th Street Funicular was the location for our May sketch-meet. It opened to the public on December 7, 2017, with the help of the River Valley Alliance, provincial and federal governments. It provides additional access to the river valley and is a landmark and a connection between downtown and Edmonton’s river valley. Edmonton’s first funicular began operations on May 20, 1908 for horse and wagon traffic. It was located at the base of McDougall Hill and climbed up the bank aligned with 101 Street.

The sketchers had a beautiful day for urban sketching, and met afterward on the Hotel Macdonald terrace.

Sandra Der
Sarah Lee
Debbie Ha
Angie Sotiropoulos
Yvonne Rezek
Yvonne Rezek
Janet E. Smith
Zulima Acuña
Brenda Raynard

Other nearby views were sketched as well.

Karen Boschee
Diane Smarsh
Rhonda Kronyk
Rhonda Kronyk

And other subjects from near and far.

Lorie Taylor Leech – house and flowering tree near Teddy Bear Park, Glenora neighbourhood, Edmonton
Sandra Der, board game players at GOBfest, Alberta Avenue Community Centre, Edmonton
Sandra Der, Borden Park, Edmonton
Sarah Lee, Corbett Hall, U of A, Edmonton
Zulima Acuña, birdhouse, Edmonton
Gian Carlo Kaguitla, Toyota Car Dealership, west Edmonton
Gian Carlo Kaguitla, Leduc Public Library, AB
Beth George, baseball game, Salisbury Park, St. Albert, AB
Beth George, B&B house, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

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May 2022 outdoor sketch-meet

Place: 100th Street Funicular

Date: 11am to 1pmm, Saturday May 21, 2022

The Edmonton Funicular opened in December, 2017. It offers a gentle, enclosed ride down (and up again) to a beautifully constructed promontory and lookout. Stairs are also an option. There is also an elevator down to Louise McKinney Park.

We will meet at the top of the funicular at 100 St. and disperse for sketching from there. There are spectacular views of the valley as well as views of the urban landscape. However, since the funicular is the prominent feature of this site, I would encourage sketchers to draw the funicular itself or aspects of the site related to the funicular, such as the promontory or the unique stairway area. The choice, of course, is yours.

I will book a table at the MacDonald Hotel patio for an outdoor opportunity to share a light lunch or beverage. And to share our sketches (if you choose). Please message me if you’d like to join in the merriment so that I know how large our party will be. This will be our first social gathering following a sketch meet since 2019! We will have to toast our patience and celebrate the occasion!

Parking downtown is always a challenge. However, paid surface parking is available at the MacDonald or at the Courtyard Inn. As well, there are several parkades within walking distance.

We hope to see you there!

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St. John’s Ukrainian Cathedral: April 23, 2022

Ukrainian culture is strong in Edmonton, and what is happening in Ukraine at present is very distressing. We chose the Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of St. John at 10951 – 107 St in Edmonton as our first on-location outdoor sketch meet of 2022. It seems appropriate at this time to remember the Ukrainian people through this small act of sketching an iconic symbol of their homeland. 

Beth George
Lorie Taylor Leech
Sarah Lee
Brenda Raynard
Angie Sotiropolis
Berta Beltran
Yvonne Rezek
Brittany Hawkins
Zulima Acuña
Silas B
Marlena Wyman
David Kraatz
Karen Boschee
Sandra Der

Other subjects were sketched as well, in Edmonton and away:

David Kraatz, John A. McDougall School, Edmonton
Gordon Ramsey – John Walter House, Edmonton
Gordon Ramsey, from above Whitemud, Edmonton
Gordon Ramsey, N Sask River from NW Windermere
Lorie Taylor Leech, Columbian Coffee Bar, Edmonton
Lorie Taylor Leech, Columbian Coffee Bar, Edmonton

3 Edmonton scenes by Karen Boschee

Zulima Acuña, music at the Parkdale-Cromdale Community Hall, Edmonton
Debbie Ha, Mill Creek Ravine, Edmonton
Debbie Ha, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta
Janet E. Smith, Atlantic from Quarry Cove near Rockport MA

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April 2022 Outdoor Sketch-Meet

Thanks to admin Yvonne Rezek for this suggestion:

Spring has sprung and we can sketch together outdoors once again!

Time: 11am to 1pm on Saturday April 23

Place: St. John’s Ukrainian Cathedral, 10951 – 107 St, Edmonton

Please be respectful of keeping distance – we are still in the Covid19 pandemic and people have varying individual risk levels.

We will be sketching outside St. John’s Ukrainian Cathedral for our first on-location sketch meet of 2022. It seems appropriate at this time to remember the Ukrainian people through this small act of sketching an iconic symbol of their homeland. The church is next to St. John’s Cultural Centre and the Ukrainian Museum of Canada Alberta Branch. This building can be sketched instead of, or in addition to, the church itself if you like.

The church is next to McDougall Central Park and on-street parking is available. Don’t forget to bring a stool.

If you’d prefer to sketch on your own, feel free to sketch anytime convenient for you. Also, there are many Ukrainian churches in and around Edmonton if you’d prefer to sketch one of those instead.

Post your sketches before the end of April and they will be included in the blog.

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Surprise Adventure Challenge: March 2022

Wow – this has been a very prolific sketching month! Several sketchers took up the Surprise Adventure Challenge: they set their timer for 15 minutes, then walked or drove and sketched what they saw when the timer went off. Others sketched whatever urban sketching subject inspired them! Here are all the fab results.

Beth George: “We drove east of St. Albert for 15 minutes and found CFB Edmonton. I’ve never been to the base before. We parked by the rinks and I decided to sketch some of the homes. I imagined how each of these houses have families who have to deal with serving members being away at war, peacekeeping or exercises and how difficult that must be. Then my husband pointed out the fire hydrant with the Ukraine colours. What a spot.”
Yvonne Rezek: “Dropped my car off at the service station this morning and walked home. Tried the 15 minute timer again. It went off precisely at this spot. I would never have thought to sketch this wonderful one-point perspective image of trucks being prepared for road work.”
Yvonne Rezek: “Walked along east Ada Boulevard yesterday setting my timer for 15 minutes and found myself overlooking the river and the refineries in the distance. Strikes me as a bit of an ominous message. All I had with me was a mechanical pencil and a little 4×6 sketchbook.”
Marlena Wyman: “There are six Little Free Libraries within a few blocks of my house, so I went on a tour of all of them and my timer happened to go off when I was approaching the one in front of the Parkallen Apartments, which are charming walkups built in the 1950s.”
Zulima Acuña: “Today the 15-minute-timer challenge took me to this intersection in the neighborhood of Griesbach. It was a bit overwhelming because there’s so much architecture to choose from in the housing there, everywhere you look is pretty! But the colors of the playground and sky won this one. Thanks for the challenge!”
Karen Boschee: “Standing alone amongst the tall trees look what caught my eye. A timely sketch. Rio Terrace Rd. area about 15 min from home if I were riding my bike which I will be doing again soon!”
Lorie Taylor Leech:”15 minutes walk and it ends up at Grovenor Community League Park today. Caught these two enjoying the park in pencil, noticed also the mostly green/black/white mural, so cheerfully graphic a backdrop to all the happenings there. March 27, 2022. Home to watercolor.”
Heather Dubé: “I took a 15 minute walk and since we’re close to the golf course, I ended up on the outskirts by a mailbox, where I spied an excellent little view of downtown! Sketched on location, and though I wanted to paint it there as well, my hands were freezing solid! This was a super fun one, thank you!!!”
Brenda Raynard: “Threw a dice yesterday morning to choose a direction, drove south for 15 minutes and found myself a stone’s throw from a friend’s apartment. It was a snowy March morning so I was happy to have somewhere warm to sketch.
This was a great prompt! Loved the spontaneity. I’ll be doing this again.”
Sarah Lee: “This surprise sketch prompt was neat. Here’s a bit of downtown visible through the trees in forest heights.”
Sandra Der: “Finally no more wind or snow. Hung out for a brief time (greater than 15 minutes). Don’t mind me.”
Sandra Der: “Was at Stanley Milner library, and was looking for someone to sketch.. This is Romeo and he was not having a great day, and we shared this brief 15 minute sketch. It was so much fun for me too!!”
Cary Brown: “The tower in the Walterdale theatre old Strathcona is lit in blue every night in support of the people of Ukraine – I see it from my dining room. Pictures are not enough to fight this terrible situation but I find the physical act of how the yellow paint pushes the black paint away is a good reminder of how small acts can add up and shine a light.”

Aeris Osborne: “Alberta Government House will be my 1st acrylic painting of 10 Alberta Old House series funded by Government Of Alberta.”
Lorie Taylor Leech: “Stopped for a burger after swimming. 8 people in this messy little sketch including another dancing barista….! I just love when they are having the best day just working.”
Doug Dawson: “A friend’s place in Northern Quebec.”
Diane Smarsh: “Fountain at the entrance to the community in Arizona where I am fortunate to spend the winter in the desert.”
Jack Twells: “Mixed emotions. If this bed could talk it could fill you with tails of new births and sorrowful demise. This months sketch at the Lous Hole hospital in Edmonton”
Brian Pearson: “Edmonton River Valley”

Gordon Ramsey: Alberta Plywood Plant Edmonton, old Rossdale Brewery & Hotel Macdonald Edmonton, and vacant lot in Aspen Gardens neighbourhood Edmonton.

Sandra Der: International Women’s Day March at U of A Edmonton, Churchill Square Edmonton, and Playwrites Festival Edmonton.

Karen Boschee: Rio Park Edmonton, Spur Line trails and tiny book library Canmore AB.

Zulima Acuña: Zocalo flowers & giftshop Edmonton, and Ted’s Gold Star Hairstyling Edmonton.

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March 2022 Sketching Theme: Surprise Adventure Challenge!

Something a little different this month. Surprise yourself by sketching a scene that you aren’t going to choose ahead of time. Huh? How does that work?

Set the timer on your device for about 15 minutes, then go for a walk or a drive or even a bike ride. Maybe pick somewhere you don’t usually go. When the timer goes off, stop! If you’re in a car or on a bike, do this safely. Pull over or go to the first available parking spot. Then look around and draw what you see in any direction.

Surprise! When you post, tell us where you went.

And remember these urban sketching guidelines.

– draw from direct observation

– tell the story of your surroundings

We can’t wait to see your sketches!

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Parks and more: February 2022

Our February sketch theme was “Parks”. Edmonton (and surrounding communities) is full of them. From tiny, corner, neighborhood parks to vast river valley parks. You probably don’t even need to get into your car to find one nearby. Parks are a great opportunity to sketch people, dogs, picnic benches, gazebos, play structures and more. Our sketchers got out there to document them, along with other great urban sketching scenes:

Lorie Taylor Leech – Teddy Bear Park, Glenora, Edmonton
Lorie Taylor Leech – Government House Park, Edmonton
Karen Boschee – Government House Park, Edmonton
Brenda Raynard – Ermineskin Park, Edmonton
Karen Boschee – Silverskates Festival at Hawrelak Park, Edmonton

Sandra Der – Silverskates Festival at Hawrelak Park, Edmonton
Marlena Wyman – at Yorath House in Buena Vista Park, Edmonton
Karen Wall – Mill Creek Park, Edmonton
Zulima Acuña – Norwood Square Park, Edmonton
Heather Dubé – park in Airdre AB
Doug Dawson
Julie Daly – Summit Centre, St. Albert, AB
S Enzo della Rocca – Oliver School, Edmonton
Beth George – Starthcona CPR Station, Edmonton
Aeris Osborne – Little Brick Cafe in Riverdale, Edmonton
Karen Boschee’s house entryway
Sandra Der – Lunar New Year dragon
Lorie Taylor Leech – Bernard Callebaut Chocolates
Luke Strama – Columbian Coffee Shop, Edmonton

Luke Strama – Truck Convoy, Edmonton

Watch for the March theme coming soon!

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February 2022 sketching theme: Parks

It’s February and time for a new monthly sketch theme. It’s warming up out there so let’s get outside and sketch. Go to the park. This city (and surrounding communities) is full of them. From tiny, corner, neighborhood parks to vast river valley parks. You probably don’t even need to get into your car to find one nearby. Parks are a great opportunity to sketch people, dogs, picnic benches, gazebos, play structures and more. When you post your sketch, let us know which park you sketched.

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