August sketch meet

Sorry for the late post. Thanks to Karen Wall for organising the August sketch meet.

Where: Cariwest Festival in Churchill Square.

When: 11AM. We can meet near the 3 Bananas Cafe in Churchill Square. Parade ends in Churchill Square, so there will be some sketching opportunities at the end (closer to 2PM).

However, sketchers are welcome to sketch anywhere along the parade route, so no need to meet first in that case. (Parade starts at noon).

At 1PM we can meet up for lunch and sketch sharing near the 3 Bananas Cafe. We can get food there and then meet outside if the weather is nice. There is also the Caribbean Village  in Churchill Square with food that we can pick up there and then and meet outside the 3 Bananas.

Cariwest Festival website

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July Sketch Meet

Thanks to Shannon for organizing the The July sketch meet.

Where: the Edmonton Valley Zoo, 13315 Buena Vista Road, Edmonton

When: July 3rd at 1:00.

Since it is the long weekend, it will likely be a zoo out there (ha,ha) so let’s meet at the centre of the zoo at the Conservation Station (#6 on the map) at 1:00. This will allow for those who might like to arrive early to not have to go back to the entrance.
At 3:00, we will meet up again at the Wild Earth Zoo Cafe for refreshments and sketchbook sharing.
I am hoping for good weather, but we will go ahead rain or shine as there are inside exhibits to see and sketch.

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Coffee Notes

A guide to describe the coffee you might be drinking.

Coffee notes

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June Sketch Meet

The June sketch meet for Urban Sketchers Edmonton will be on Saturday, June 4 at 11:00 to 1:00 at Giovanni Caboto Park (on 95 St between 108 and 109 Ave). Coinciding with the HEART OF THE CITY Music and Arts Festival, we will fit right in! Let’s meet at the seated statue of Frank Spinelli, right across the street from the Italian Centre Shop on 95 Street.







For the artistically ambitious, there is another event later the same day that you might be interesting in sketching. Save Edmonton’s Downtown Footbridge is collecting bridge stories for an anthology. We haven’t been asked, but perhaps some of us can offer some sketches to illustrate…? Here is the description.

“Part of Make Something Edmonton’s ‪#‎100in1DayYEG‬, Footbridge Folktales will gather Edmontonians from all walks of life to share their stories of the Cloverdale Footbridge—biking to work every day, showing off downtown Edmonton to visitors, getting engaged (or married!), jamming with friends, or simply watching the river flow by. At 2:00PM on Saturday, June 4th, we will invite storytellers to share their memories at a live picnic performance on the footbridge. These stories will then be collected and published in a Footbridge Folktales anthology. Whether you’re an experienced storyteller, a keen listener with a love of social history, or just someone with a memory to share with your community, we welcome you to come down and celebrate the Cloverdale Footbridge and the river valley with us.

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May sketch date confirmed

Thanks to Karen for organizing our May sketchmeet.

Sunday May 1 at 1PM

Marche Agricole at La Cite Francophone, 8627 Rue Marie-Anne-Gaboury Edmonton

Sunday farmer’s market, indoors and, if weather permits, outdoor environs (architecture! food trucks! patrons! dogs!). There’s a cafe with a patio where we can meet at 3.00; if it’s full (as is usual) or there are too many of us, there’s a neighbourhood pub just around the corner to which we might repair. Hope to see a good turnout!

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April sketch date confirmed

Thanks to Elizabeth Barrett for organizing our April sketchmeet:

Street Car Sketch Meet

Sketching: 11AM sharp, Saturday April 2, 2016.

Please arrive at the parking lot at Fort Edmonton at 11 am sharp. Elizabeth will be there to let all of the sketchers through the gate and into the barn where the streetcars are kept. Further details regarding parking to come later.

Lunch: 1PM. Please bring a lunch with you, as we are welcome to meet in the shop lunchroom at 1 pm to eat, chat and share our drawings.

Location: Radial Railway barns, Fort Edmonton


The Edmonton Radial Railway Society has invited us to spend the day sketching the streetcars in their shop at Fort Edmonton Park.

You are welcome to bring a sketch stool and spend the day sketching the volunteers as they work on the streetcars.

Please note, sketchers will not be permitted to sketch within the Fort Edmonton Park while it is closed. Our access only pertains to the streetcar workshop.

Map: link here




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Posting your work on this blog

If you are an Edmonton subscriber to this blog, and an urban sketcher, and would like to post your work here (we would love it!) please let us know. We can only change the blog permissions from subscriber to author by invitation, which you, in turn, accept. It’s a pain, I know. But I guess that’s how blogs work – they aren’t like Facebook. There are various levels of contribution in WordPress, three of which we use, as follow:

  • Administrator – somebody who has access to all the administration features within a single site.
  • Author – somebody who can publish and manage their own posts.
  • Subscriber – somebody who can only manage their profile.

We have three admins and everyone else is either a subscriber or an author. If you want to be an author, please let us know your email address. It’s how we can find you in the blog’s list of followers.
It would be great to increase the numbers of authors so we can see everyone’s urban sketches regularly!


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